Think Like a Manager

This book was written by Roger Fritz in 2006.  Recently passing away in March 2011, Fritz was noted to be a prolific author of over 63 books on management development which were distributed and translated in 38 countries and languages.

This book contains a Self Study Test for Managers.  While this test is not linked to a formal learning plan, it is helpful to build self-awareness  and set goals regarding your own level of accomplishment in relation to the role of manager: management style, planning, information and communication, time management, and delegation.

A self-rated score is produced that places you in a range in each of the management functions:

  • Strong Area – build on it
  • Acceptable but could be improved
  • Weak area – face up to it
  • Expect trouble if not improved soon

Subsequent chapters focus on the areas of developing people, getting work done and handling tough situations.   Each chapter uses a similar approach to building self- awareness and providing suggestions and exercises on how to improve in each respective area.

It would be helpful to do for your own benefit if performance reviews are seldom done at your place of work.