360° Perspective

The Orange Conundrum

There is one orange left in the kitchen and two chefs want it. They both take the position that it is critical for each of them to have the orange. They quickly jump to the resolution of cutting the orange down the middle, so that each chef gets half, but not as much as either was hoping to receive.

BUT…there is a third perspective to explore the interest that each chef had in the orange, asking the question “how are you planning to use it?”  They would have then discovered that one needed the juice to make orange sauce and the other needed the rind to make orange cake!

The value of understanding thoughts and positions as perspectives is tremendous.  To be able to experience those perspectives – well, that is powerful.  It can truly open up worlds for you.

Travelling the circle of perspectives will help you:

  • Understand another person’s thoughts, feelings and contributions, without having to agree with them
  • Know what strategies could be effective, for motivation or negotiation
  • Reconcile varied or competing interests
  • Influence people to accept the outcome you are seeking
  • Be open to input from others and possibly produce a better outcome.