Open Mind

Have you ever been caught up in the  moment, when the moment is not what you planned?  It happens… we freeze, we choke, we panic… even with a healthy, honed skill set and great preparation and analysis.  So we make an excuse to get something, take a walk out in the hall, a re-group or re-think, a lot of self- talk… all this may buy some time and distance.

What if there was some way to get that distance and create that time, standing right there, where you are?  A way to stop time, to filter out the distraction, negativity and the stream of minute-to-minute demands?

A way to open a window in such a decisive moment, to get a clear view of the goal or the problem to be resolved?


Purpose:    To achieve a calm and resourceful internal state to deal with an issue.

Outcome:  You will be able to instantly summon this state of clarity and calm.

The Exercise:

  Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and take in 5 or more slow, deep breaths until you feel in an even, relaxed state.

2   Now open your eyes.  Slowly lift your hands up in front of your face with both index fingers pointing up.

3   Keep your gaze straight ahead and steadily move your fingers outward to their respective sides, until they are both at the edge of your peripheral vision.

4   Observe any changes in your breath and let it come back to the even, relaxed breathing that began this exercise.


No matter what’s happening in your world, you can call up this calm, clear and resourceful state of being consciously, instantly and, with practice, invisibly.  No longer will you need to actually use the hand movements when you ‘memorize’ the destination through repeated practice.

“Open Mind” will help you project calm in any circumstance and sail through rough waters in command of your mind and your composure.