OHA Leadership Competencies and Talent Management

Competency Assessment Questionnaires 

The OHA joined forces with the Hay Consultant Group to develop a program for talent management.  This approach states specific competencies for levels of staff and organizational leadership ranging from frontline supervisor to CEO.  Even in a ‘flat’ organization structure characteristic of the smaller community-based organization, these competencies must still be fulfilled but may crossover levels that do not exist: that is, the functions of supervisor and manager, or manager and director might be held within one position.  Title of positions, also, might be different across sizes of organization.  The use of the term ‘co-ordinator’ may be used more often in the smaller organization.  Even though this position may have supervisory functions, the term ‘co-ordinator’ may be thought to better represent the participative culture of the smaller organization

Success Profiles

  • Templates for each of the leadership levels (CEO, Executive, Director, Manager and Supervisor), summarizing the accountabilities for each leadership role and the leadership competencies (definitions and the behavioural indicators) associated with each role.

Individual Development Plan

  • A template designed to help facilitate development planning and to capture the actions an individual will take in terms of development.  This tool can be used to capture an individual’s development plan, and can serve as a point of discussion between the individual and his/her manager.

Competency Assessment Questionnaires

  • A questionnaire designed to assess the strengths and areas for development of direct reports using the OHA’s competencies. Available for: Supervisor, Manager, Director, Executive and CEO roles.  Use the CAQs to assess incumbents during the talent management process.   This questionnaire may also be used as a competency self-assessment questionnaire.


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