Choice Points

Choice points are starting points:

behaviours or skills that we choose to change or improve in order to achieve our goals or improve our process.


We may wish to do something better, something we already have capability in:

‘My meetings run on time but I wish I could better facilitate the discussion so we arrive at specific outcomes, something meaningful that people feel made the meeting worthwhile’

We may wish to stop reacting in a certain way when someone else frustrates or intimidates us, or when we ourselves are frustrated with our “to do” list:

‘I wish I could stop feeling anxious about talking to Mike, I go out of my way to avoid him and I’m not getting what I need from him’

‘I wish I could stop procrastinating and not wait to the last minute or be late in submitting my reports’

We may wish to do something new, something we’ve never tried, or have tried but failed to learn:

‘I keep turning down offers to speak at events; I wish I had the confidence to give a presentation at a conference about the good work we are doing here’


Every one of us makes choices all the time.  The choice to stop or to start something, to do something differently or to refuse to deal with something … these are all choices.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

 – Antoine de Saint-Exupery