Welcome to the Manager’s Corner information and resources. The basis of The Manager’s Corner is that when we manage ourselves, we are better able to manage others: we find and act from our most resourceful state, and help those we manage to do the same.

Have you had a boss who acted outside of a resourceful state – screaming, crying, or saying insulting things to you – how well or easily did you rustle up your creativity and energy to deal with issues or solve problems?

Welcome to the how of managing yourself and others… not just a skill set, but a mindset.

Carla utilizes 5 Key Processes take you deeper into the how to the mastery of managing yourself… creating a new mindset and ability to draw on newly discovered personal resources to lead to sustained insight and success.

These include:

  1. Self-Evaluation
  2. Situation Analysis
  3. Choice Points
  4. Key Practices
  5. Accelerated Learning