Project Management

Project Management will help you respond to opportunities as they arise and transition through situations where you know workload will be increased on a temporary basis.  Some examples include proposal writing, capital projects, program start up and workload peaks.  Managers sometimes avoid solid opportunities when they feel they cannot add another proverbial straw to the camel’s back. Yet, the risk of not pursuing the opportunity can also weaken the organization.  Project Management can be done on an in-person or behind-the-scene basis.

Some example of project management include

  • Program start-up, implementation and evaluation including stakeholder engagement, setting up advisory committees, developing appropriate policies and procedures for ongoing function
  • Proposal writing
  • Report writing
  • Staff and team training

There are principles and strategies for effective project management that Carla Palmer Consulting adheres to:

  • Clear definition and scope of the project or work to be completed on time, and identify key evaluation indicators at the outset to ensure the project stays on track or makes adjustments as required
  • Apply change management theory and practice at the outset, to anticipate potential enablers and barriers to the successful completion of the project, and plan mitigation strategies
  • All consultations are offered with a philosophy that values solutions that are customized, action-oriented and sustainable.