Organization Planning & Development

Organization Planning and Development will help you position and navigate your organization for success in the internal and external environments.  There are three main motivations for hiring outside help for organization planning and development:

1. To perform regularly scheduled Strategic Planning to effectively respond to internal and external developments

A review or refresh of the organization’s mandate in charting its progress at meeting its strategic directions and objectives, done every 3 – 5 years, helps the organization stay relevant and purposeful.

2. Managing the pressures that can arise as the organization works its way through its lifecycle

Organizations typically proceed through phases: from Founding through Operations Start-up, through Growth, and through Maturity and Renewal.  At each stage there is a corresponding requirement regarding governance, management function and processes, organization strategy to manage growth, the focus of the organization leaders, and the implementation of a management infrastructure.

It is not unusual to have a lag occur, when the management functions and processes, growth management strategies, leader focus and management structure do not keep pace with the phase in which the organization finds itself.  These lags are usually expressed as ‘problems’ of communication challenges, role confusion, paralysis in choosing between priorities, and key functions not being adequately performed.

An organization and management structure review can improve the alignment to bring full productivity to your organization.

Situations and circumstances

Various internal and external types of events can significantly affect an organization and pose risks to its effectiveness and viability: change of leadership at the board or CEO level, new or increasing funder demands, opportunities requiring strategic thinking or proposal writing, or an unexpected significant adverse event such as a fire, flood, or harm to client or staff.

These incidents benefit from thoughtful but timely advice and crisis management strategies.

Carla Palmer Consulting provides various strategies and tools to help you manage the organization’s development in these varied circumstances:

  • Strategy Mapping and Balanced scorecard
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Change management
  • Organization Structure Review and Recommendation
  • Project Management
  • Quality Frameworks
  • Recommendations on approaches to accreditation
  • Management Coaching
  • Proposal Writing
  • Crisis management strategies

All consultations are offered with a philosophy that values solutions that are customized, action-oriented and sustainable.