• Organization Planning & Development

    Position and navigate your organization for success in its internal and external environment.

    We offer:

    • Strategy Mapping and Balanced scorecard
    • Stakeholder Analysis and Change management
    • Organization Structure Review and Recommendation
    • Quality Frameworks and Proposal Writing
    • Crisis management strategies
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  • Management Coaching and Training

    This is more than a list of “what to do” to be successful. This is “how” to be, to become and to remain consistently in learning and growth mode for maximum performance and influence.

    Learn how to achieve your goals, drawing on our system of processes and practices, tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Project Management

    Respond successfully to opportunities as they arise and transition through situations where workload will be raised on a temporary basis.

    We offer assistance in:

    • Proposal and Report Writing
    • Program Start-up
    • Staff and Team Training
    • Capital Projects
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Welcome to the profile of Carla Palmer,

Dedicated to her work as a Management Consultant, Strategist, Management Coach and Policy Developer. Committed to helping individuals and organizations develop strategies and reach resolutions in business and in health care, you will find numerous solutions to suit your needs.

Renew your energy and restock your toolkit with the skills to achieve clarity, capacity and performance in your key management roles. Exciting interactive and immersive training for managers in the not for profit sector to providing quality learning and training that will help you meet your goals. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund of the cost. For managers who work in community support services, community health centres, family health teams, mental health and addictions centres, community hospitals, aboriginal health access centres, long term care organizations.

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Organization Planning & Development

As an expert in organization planning and development, we will help you position and navigate your organization for success in its internal and external environment. This includes guidance in strategic planning in order to respond effectively to internal and external developments and managing pressures that can arise throughout the lifecycle of an organization.

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Management Coaching & Training

Performance coaches help managers deepen their understanding of their job, the competencies needed to fulfill those requirements, any gaps in their current performance, and avenues to improvement. We work with managers, and possibly others in their workplace to help fill performance gaps and develop plans for further development.

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Project Management

Project management will help you respond to opportunities as they arise and transition through situations where workloads will be raised on a temporary basis. This can include proposal writing, capital projects and program startups. Program management can be done on an in-person or behind the scenes basis focusing on sustainable solutions that are customized to your organization.

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